The Night They Murdered Beethoven

3 thoughts on “The Night They Murdered Beethoven”

  1. A shame you had to say all that, an amateur orchestra who’s members pay to play, doesn’t need a review from a non musician in the style of a Daily Telegraph review of a concert on the south bank!

    Shame on you

  2. Despite paying an annual fee of £50 to embarrass our audiences, yes, we still delight in putting on concerts, the music of which is often beyond the general standard of the players. The “serious classical listener” is so ‘spot on’ in his/her critique; we DO need better players – and more of them – in order to provide seriously good, tuneful, and interpretative music. Whether or not our new Music Director will be able to guide us any better this term remains to be seen… Beethoven’s 7th (along with Rossini and the tremendous Mendelssohn Violin Concerto) are on the menu for St. John’s, London Road, Carlisle: 30th November 2013 – we’ll try not to be TOO aweful on this occasion! But in any case we really do put in a lot of hours rehearsing, and private practise and enjoy the opportunity to play such great works. Should you be tempted to repeat the performance, there are such things as ear-plugs which may be useful for the sensitive listener.

  3. Hmm. I think this says more about the reviewer than the reviewed.
    Better to go and make your own mind up at the next concert I think.
    If you can’t say something nice then maybe you would be better to say nothing…

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