On the Pleasure of Hating George Galloway

12 thoughts on “On the Pleasure of Hating George Galloway”

  1. ‘The world will always feel a little more toxic to me while Galloway breaths the same air.’

    So why don’t you commit suicide?

    1. The short answer is I want to live to write his obituary. The long answer is: I draw my gusto, as it were (my mojo, if you prefer) from the fight against idiocy of precisely the sort your facile and tiresome comment – which I presume you took to be pithy and barbed – all too readily displays.

  2. It is customary, not necessarily deferential, to refer to a leader,by their assumed title, For example one might loath George W Bush Jr, but one has to acknowledge he was at one point the top representative of his country and therefore protocol dictates that one engages, or at least respects that position in order to facilitate constructive discourse. i mean, no doubt Churchill and Roosevelt shook Stalin’s hand, The Dalai Lama shook Mao’s Hand and God forbid even may have stooped to calling him Chairman…you nead a strong dose of Real Politik, to snap you out of your idealistic drivel. Ok you don’t like him fine, he made an arse of himself on Big Brother for charity, but deep down in your genetics, ultimately you are more than a little comfortable with the status quo and the eternal reassertion of Imperialisim, you are content with it’s life cycle, it’s relentless globalisation, you prefer it, to the regimes who resort to unpleasantries to resist it. Good for you, another Apologist, another ferociously intollerant Chris Hitchens wannabe, who believes that enlightenment principles trumps diplomocy.

    1. You sound like you are the apologist, for a reprehensible excuse for a human being that is george galloway. The man is a traitor to all things british, if he loves the arab nations so much, he should go and live among them. But he prefers to live here and enjoy the freedom of speech he would not be allowed by the arab terrorists and dictators he so admires.

  3. I’ll be the first here to say that I enjoyed the article for no other reason more important than that it is true.
    This is enough for me, I think.

  4. It never fails to surprise me how some people can foam at the mouth at the hypocrisy of a powerless fringe figure like George Galloway, while completely ignoring the hypocrisy of a good part of the power elite including the likes of Blair, with his inscrutable choosiness about exactly which dictators he was intolerant of, Obama, who gleefully bows to the dictators of the Middle East, and Cameron, whose arms-selling tour of the Middle East will result in far more deaths than the eloquent rhetoric of George Galloway. You miss the point of George Galloway. He might be a hypocrite himself, but his function, and the function of those like him in democratic societies, is to make sure we never forget that the powerful and wealthy figures we seem to so unreflectively lionize are themselves even worse hypocrites, insofar as their hypocrisy often results the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

  5. I read your article and could not agree more.
    The fact this individual represents a party called Respect is farcical.
    His comments to criticism are childish and l believe he makes up his policy to counter general decent public opinion. The ‘respect’ he shows to former prime ministers who have passed away, Syria, Libya, serving British soldiers etc. To shout down and insult anyone who disagrees with him is bazaar to watch!
    Watching him fawn over Iranian and Iraqi dictators, past and present, is very disturbing!!
    The refusal to even talk to an Israeli is offensive and will ensure that this attitude prolongs Palestinian suffering. Sensible dialogue and compromise is the only way the human race will progress. A very silly little man with major issues.
    Well done for putting your views into print.

  6. Thank you for this piece I have just read. I came across him for the first time on PRESS TV and I felt disappointed at his rantings. He is actually a catastrophe.

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