On Sexual Repression, Violence, and Religion.

4 thoughts on “On Sexual Repression, Violence, and Religion.”

  1. I found your article because I was so frankly completely disturbed by this video:

    It literally, as a woman, made me sick to my stomach. Everything inside me screams that it is logically sexual repression that causes sexual violence. Thank you for your article. I’m off now to find studies, which have surely been done, that deal with this subject.

  2. Found your article when seeking info on google for the topic of: violence, sexual repression and religion as they converge. Date is 4/4/13 in the event you wish to know. In our increasingly violent society we US citizens are recognized as being habituated to violence. Not so easily explained in other parts of the world, and when other forms of violence come to roost on the doorstep of the USA. It is these other forms which may help to explain the increasing violence and the habituation that scientists of the US have long seen evident in our own monotheistic nation. Perhaps we citizens of the US, would find better health if we put our divergent paths of faith to the forefront? If it is true, that a monotheistic cultural background has a tendency toward a more violent and repressive cognitive dissonance, our best efforts would be best spent on maximizing the advertisments of the interfaith including the no faith advantages and opportunities of this great land of ours!!! The ultimate goal of this campaign would be to maximize the reduction of violence typical of monotheism, bringing forward the advantages of interfaith networks!!

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